The Peoples History

The land of Furintor, as the continent is known to its scholars, was created at the beginning of time by the gods. Some say Valaurica, goddess of light while others say it was Gaia, godess of nature, and some contend it was all the gods getting together. Whatever the case it has been around longer than its people.

The gods created many life forms, dragons, bears, armadillos, and eventually created the thinking races. For an age the land belonged to the elves and the other races lived in harmony. But the elves lived long and their people did not quickly multiply, and so the humans pushed them slowly to a small portion of the world. The various people of Furintor grew and built kingdoms and traded and fought but mostly stayed to themselves. Then came the great threat of Razulan and the races came together to fight his dark armies of orcs and goblins and darker things. Humans fought alongside elves and dwarves and gnomes and wolfen. Eventually the dark lord was locked away in the Ashlands, though his evil influence continues to this day.

The various races returned to their homes and a great human empire arose. The seven kingdoms of man spread across Furintor and prospered. In time the kingdoms became corrupt and the kings fell to darkness. The empires of the Lich Kings tried to enslave the world. The free humans fought back and the old races came together to aid them. But the battles were difficult and the other races gave up and went home. When it looked at its worst the living gods appeared and helped lead the free human forces to victory. When the last Lich King city was under siege a great magical storm hit it and their reign ended. The ancient city is now called the dead city nobody ventures there.

Since that time the non human races have rarely been seen in human lands. And the politics and wars of humans have continued. The empire of the living gods called the Rallatra Empire held sway for a time, but other lands eventually built their own societies. Even some of the lands held by the Rallatra Empire managed to break free and declare themselves independent.

Average citizens of the world do not venture far from home. There is no easy means of transport and if one travels for 30 miles even with a horse it means a night in the wilderness far from home, and another hard day to get back. There are roads and caravans, some are even paroled by road wardens or contracted mercenaries. Travel of more than a day is a journey most don’t undertake more than a few times in their whole lives. The world outside of a weeks ride is unimportant to normal people and few care about the goings on in such far flung places. It is known that there are other lands and countries but not many could name even a single other country or its ruler by name.

The wildlands between cities are still filled with dangers. Monsters roam the world in every environment. Cults have been gaining prominence around the death god and bandits have become bolder as the grip of the Rallatra empire has receded. Though the Ashlands are far away their influence is still felt mostly during the winter months. The coastal cities of the east have formed a loose alliance to promote trade and increase the safety of their lands.

The Panthion of gods looks down from their heavenly palaces but no longer takes an active roll in the lives of the mortal beings of Furintor. The Ten gods are

The two greater gods
Valaurica – Goddess of light and goodness
Disokarr – God of darkness and evil

The eight Major Gods
Trasuul – Keeper of secrets
Prassial – Goddess of the seas
Gaia - Goddess of life and nature and the world
Panadar – God of the elements
Blukkirr – Goddess of the underground, Mother of Monsters
Hespak – God of war and battle
Fenigor – God of fortune
Lok-Magarr – Goddess of death

Each of the major gods oversees a pantheon of lesser gods who number in the dozens. The empire of Rallatra also pays worship to the few ‘living gods’ who rule their empire. There are also some mighty arch fiends who claim great power and are worshiped by various cults. Also some scholars refer to a great creator god hinted at in the most ancient texts, but it has no name and no worshipers.

Beyond Furintor lies the deep ocean, plagued by storms and strangeness. Lightning can come strait out of blue sky, storms can break and lead to months of dead calm. Even in calm the fog can engulf any ship, nobody knows what happens in the strange blue white fog, for no one has ever been found after the fog has hidden them from sight. The fog can travel faster than the wind or stay dead still in a storm.


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