Cadswick Tumblestone

A gruff dwarven stonemason turned adventurer.


Cadswick Tumblestone


Cadswick Tumblestone is a gruff dwarf (aren’t they all?) who used to hold a position of some import in the nearby dwarven enclave of Dourslate. Unfortunately, a destructive earthquake proved even too much for the dwarven architecture and the place was almost completely razed. Cadswick was unlucky enough to have his entire guildhall, home and quarry buried. Such a turn of events for him was taken as a sign that he should try something different for a while.

Cadswick packed up what he could retrieve, called in some debts owed for past work, and bought himself a few meager “adventuring tools” he figured he would need. Not the greatest warrior, he is still a robust fellow, with a constitutional fortitude that even other dwarves consider impressive. A warhammer, dagger and a pair of weighted throwing axes are his weapons, and he even managed to get some armor in liu of payment for one particular job. A backpack, some other necessities such as a couple of sacks, tinderbox, beerskin, ration box and some other nick nacks, and Cadwick set off.

After traveling alone for almost a year, performing odd jobs for farmers who needed a quick fix on their fireplace or sheep-wall, he found himself at the coast. A few extra coins in his purse gave him enough confidence to seriously start trying on the whole “adventurer” hat a bit more. For the last few weeks he’s had no luck finding like minded companions…and least none that would have him (being more or less completely inexperienced). But, perseverance will win the day, his father always used to say…and Cadswick Tumblestone isn’t about go give up anytime soon!

Cadswick Tumblestone

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