Source Material

I know some will notice that all the ideas in this world are not completely original. I thought I would just clarify and get that out of the way upfront.

Of course I didn’t create this world out of thin air. This is defiantly a Tolkien middle earth world. As seen through the filter of Darkurthe, with some additions from versions of D&D, Palladium Fantasy, Iron Kingdoms, Midnight, and various other TV, movie, literary, gaming, and historical references scattered about.

I stole the map and modified it from some D&D campaign world I think, not sure. But I don’t have any good world building or art software or the skills, or persistence to create a good looking map on my own. So I made due with this one.

Although I borrowed heavily from other game settings I did mix it together in my own way and came up with some things myself. So ya, feel free to notice how much it is like Darkurthe, but remember, Darkurthe is lord of the rings. Nobody creates a setting without influences.

Source Material

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