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The campaign takes place on a single continent on a single world rather isolated from the rest of the multiverse. The Setting is the continent of Furintor, though most inhabitants don’t know it by that, or really any name, it is simply the world.

The game World has a long history which may or may not be acurate even for those that study it.

Here is a Character Creation Guide for the creation of player characters.

In this world the Gods are very real and quite influential to the functioning of daily life and the campaign as a whole.

There are many different Countries of Furintor But the players will start in the capitol city of Seagirt called Freeport.

When making this campaign I had lots of Source Material if you are interested check it out.

The world has two suns but this binary system is not like any you would find in this universe. As such the World Calendar is quite different.

In order to give everyone a little incentive and help players feel some connection to the campaign I would like to try the Favorite Character Project. Give it a look and let me know.

Main Page

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