Greater gods

Most people know very little of the greater gods. They are more concepts than actual deities. If they have churches they are hidden and only cared for by the rare devotee. They almost never take a direct hand in mortal affairs.

Valarica – Goddess of light. Often associated with goodness.

Disokarr – God of Darkness. Mostly associated with Evil.

Major Gods

The major gods hold sway over vast concepts and are usually served by the lesser gods and numerous deific beings. Many places call them by different names or worship them as partial aspects of their true bailiwick.

Panadar – God of Elements

Prassial – Godess, Lord of the seas

Gaia – Godess of Life, nature, world

Blukkirr – Godess of Underground, Keeper of Monsters

Hespak – War, Combat

Fenigor – Fortune

Lok-Magarr – Godess of Death

Trasuul – The keeper of secrets

Lesser Gods

Nobody knows the true number of lesser gods, or if they are even independent deities at all, or simply aspects of the major gods.

Living Gods

Rall the living god sits upon his high mountain in the crystal temple overlooking the city of Arcadia. From there he rules the kingdom of Rallatra, and its people. Those who have been raised to the status of living gods live in the temple with Rall unless they are needed. The cadre of living gods are only worshiped in Rallatra.

Deific Beings

All of the gods Greater, Major, and even Lesser have servants, messengers, guardians, soldiers, and champions. These make up a number of beings that can act on behalf of and as a buffer to the actual gods. The higher up the gods the larger the entourage , and the less likely they are to take a direct hand in mortal affairs.

Beyond these multitudes, are beings of great power that do not fall into the pantheon. Demons, devils, fairies, elementals, nightmares, undead and other entities of great power may lay claim to deification. Although they have great power (possibly even wielding deific might) and convince lesser beings to worship them they are not gods.


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