Favorite Character Project

I was thinking that each player could pick three of their favorite fantasy characters to be cameo NPCs. These players would likely show up somewhere in the campaign, and could be played by the original player, but would only have minor roles, like a cameo in a movie.

They wouldn’t help or harm the PC’s overly but could play important roles in the overall campaign. Plus it opens the door to playing your favorite characters in a larger role if we do little side things, and ads a bit of fun flavor for everyone to get into the setting a little more.

Just a thought I figured I might explore.

If you would like to add your three favorite characters to the characters section go for it, or one or five. They can be living or dead, in the middle of something or just shelved. No super heroes or sci-fi characters please, unless you are willing to allow heavy translation into fantasy and a vast reduction in power, though they are likely high level characters and thus way more powerful than the players in all likelihood. Powerful characters are ok, but the world doesn’t have super powers or high technology so they would have to fit into this setting.

You put in the character and as much background and explanation about them as you want (along with GURPS relevant character creation suggestions) and I will translate them to GURPS fantasy, then show you and we will tweak the background and abilities. Then if we both agree the characters work out I will include them in the campaign.

Favorite Character Project

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