Countries of Furintor

Seagirt - This is the country in which the players start. It is a loose association of cities and towns. Most are on the water and deal with trade or the sea in some way. Nobody ventures far from the coast but Seagirt has become wealthy from the ships it sends from its ports all the way around the continent to the elven lands. Of course those ships sail maybe once every ten years but they still try. They have no professional standing army but the mercenaries guild takes care of most martial threats, and nobody tries to move against the magic guild. The city of Freeport is the capitol. It has shining spires and paved tree lined streets, at least in the rich part of town. There are also slums and rundown port side taverns. However the merchants hold sway in the city and the majority is a fine city where ordinary craftsmen and traders go about their lives.

Branthel - The fudal kindom of the green warden. They hold off the creatures of the Wildlands and the dark arts of Vadool 

Grannum - A rural land sparsly populated.

Tavian – A country started by bandits generations ago, still somewhat wild. There ais a strage tension in the air.

Draleth – A kingdom of hard working noble people building a cingdom from a dense forrest.

Rallatra - The realm of the living gods. The high lord Rall rules over his pantheon from the acropolis of Lumia above the capitol city.

Chidurian – Land of the wolf peolple.

Raynarr - Land of the Dragon Kin

Bantath Stepps - Home to the centaurs and horse nomads.

Yallari - Hilly steplands on the edge of the vast deset. The capital Yalar on the coast is a large cosmopolitan city of traders. 

Ankar - A land of pyramids and temples, life is plentiful along the banks of the Gival river. Ruled by the Pharo Han-Otep.

Ximar - A land of people it is said from another place beyond the seas.

Skrovank – Once like the Craven Peaks, it was organized into a slightly less dangerous highland civilization.

Veshad - A jungle land ot tigres and elephants. densly populated by an advanced people who build great temples and cities. There is much fighting between city states.

Blue Brotherhood - Once just a refuge for pirates, it has become a union of ocean loving people, traders and pirates.

Fey - Land of fairies

Elf Lands - New Home of the elves.

Shires - Land of the shirefolk, who some call Halflings.

Wildlands – A land of wild creatures and dark forests.

Craven Peaks – Dangerous mountains filled with bandits and cultists and creatures.

Vadool - Bastion of the necromancer lords. A dark gothic land of treatury and intrigue.

Darkward - Home of the dwarves and the shield that holds back the dark lord and his forces from the rest of the world.

Ash Lands -  Covered with ash from multiple volcanoes. Dangerous and dark, even breathing is difficult.

Grey Wastes - A land once beautiful and strong was blasted to

Shadowlands - The dark lord rules over this hostile wasteland.

Shining Spire - A great golden tower rises out of the ocean and over a kilometer into the air. Though it appears to be gold no known force has been able to chip scratch mark or even mar the surface. No windows or doors are evident and strange indecipherable writing sometimes moves over the surface.

Countries of Furintor

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