Character Creation Guide

The adventurers in this tale begin as individuals who have decided for their own reasons to go out and become adventurers. In this world adventurers are held in high regard and are somewhat like sports stars of today. The good ones can become famous and loved wherever they go, because the team they play for is all of civilization.

They can gain tremendous wealth, fame, and power. But most don’t return from their first season of adventuring. It is called the dark season and it corresponds to winter. Of those who don’t die, many succumb to the darkness ether through being captured and turned or through the lures that glitter in the shadows.

Beginning characters are well above average (average being around 50 points for a healthy competent human), stating with 125 points. It is a fantasy setting tech level 4. Gunpowder is expensive and uncommon. Some more advanced technology exists with magic replacing actual scientific technology. For Character purposes though tech level 4 will suffice. Magic is exceedingly rare and viewed more with suspicion than wonder, only those with aptitude can use magic.

Alternately we could start with sort of ‘newbie’ characters having 75 points for a beginning adventure or two and then getting 75 more points to rebuild your character after the learning period is done.

Many famous adventures work for merchants or sign endorsements for merchandise. Famous adventurers make a lot of money, and have many fans that learn their favorite equipment, moves and spells. They are the sports stars of the civilized world. They risk their lives to help the people, and without them the world would likely fall to darkness. The player characters start as a decidedly UNfamous adventurers.

When we begin the characters have just left the Academy Adventura. Young and old if someone wants to be an adventurer they are best off by getting some knowledge before they set out. At the academy x-adventurers teach those interested about the realities of how to survive and succeed out in the dangers of the dark wilds. Spending a few weeks in the Academy Adventura is no assurance of success or even fortune, and it costs gold to attend. The characters were lucky to find a job working for a merchant, those without wealth are likely indebted to the merchant.

(As 75point value characters the pcs would start out before the school and would get have an adventure getting into the Academy Adventura. Trying to raise funds or gain patrons to pay for them. All the characters will eventually aspire to be adventurers, that is a profession – with many different specialties – the motivations for doing it will be up to the player, wealth, fame, need to protect others, desire to do good, mysterious past, desire to challenge ones self, family tragedy, looking for parental approval, whatever. but the pcs are not just out to do some killing and steal shit. For whatever their reasons they want to face danger and become heroes.)

You can build a character using GURPS lite (I can give you a copy or you can borrow one of my printouts or get your own from ( Steve Jackson Site ) Remember, this character can be completely rebuilt or replaced after the introductory period using the full rules and relevant supplements. This is so that once we know the rules better you can make any corrections or tweaks to your characters, and make sure they are what you want and ready for greater adventures to come.

Character Creation Guide

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