A chill breeze blew in the window of the small home.The old man sitting in his comfy chair by the fireplace pulled the blanket tighter around his knees.

“The days are getting shorter, and I can feel the chill in the wind. Lilly, go shut the window please.” He said in long dry tones.

One of the youngsters sitting by the fire got up and went to the window. Looking out she felt a shiver as she closed the shutters, sealing the old hut against the failing light and the cold, then returning to her place.

“It is times like these when you have to start getting ready” he went on.

“Ready for what?” Interrupted on of the lads by the fire.

“You hush now and I’ll tell you. When the nights grow long and the air gets cold, like it is tonight, the dark creatures get bolder. They venture closer to civilized lands. More venture from their dark holes, unafraid of being caught in the daylight. But they aren’t the worst, darker things wait, and bide their time. As the light fades even the dead can return to torment the living, demons and nightmare creatures come out when the light has gone. The days of darkness are filled with evil things.”

“Are we gonna die grandpa? Are they gonna get us?” a small frightened voice asked.

“Not if we get all our supplies and stay together locked up tight. Only fools venture out in those days of darkness, fools and adventurers.”

“Adventurers will save us” proclaimed one of the children.

“Well, that may be, but it isn’t easy for them. Most never come back. They venture out to face the evil in the darkness and most never return to see the light of the spring sun. I met a group once, three they were, armor shining as we opened our doors on the coming of the first day. They were heroes, but they didn’t smile, they had started as seven they told us, they were all that remained. We celebrated the sacrifice of the others and treated them as heroes. They stayed a few days until they heard of dark forces in a nearby valley. We never heard what became of them but I like to think they survived that season and many more.”

Heroes. Every world needs them. But in this world they are a necessity. In a land plagued by evil are you brave enough to take up the mantle of Adventurer?

Between Sun and Shadow

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